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Sam Schwarzman is a well of knowledge about LB stuff! 
Here's a little information he sent about the early auto parts businesses in Long Beach.
Hi Chuck:
The original name for Blair Chevrolet was Beech Chevrolet (Beech, not Beach). I told you I was a powerhouse of trivia and BS. Another error you might correct is the year of that the picture in front of Nelson Hemsley's store on page 2, that was 1958, not 1955. The Ford station wagon is a 1958 and was owned by Long Beach Auto Parts (who I worked for as a kid).

Brief history of the Auto Parts business in Long Beach:

The original auto parts business was "Ruddocks Auto Parts" on Austin Blvd. in Island Park (where the garden nursery is). The owners son, Stanley Ruddock who by the way was a Long Beach High School wrestling champion, opened an auto parts store on the corner of Chester St. and Long Beach Blvd. with his partner, Alan Jay. It was named, "Stan-Jay Auto Parts." This was in direct competition with Ruddocks Auto parts and father and son were estranged for years over that.  I worked there in my teens as did my friend Don Marcote. When the partnership broke up, Don Marcote became partners with Alan Jay and the business was renamed "Don-Jay Auto parts." I went with Stanley Ruddock (as an employee) to the 300 block on East Park Ave. and we opened "Stanley Auto Parts." The only other competition was Nat Karts Auto and Bicycle next to the Lido Movies. Alan Jay sued Stanley Ruddock forcing him to change the name of his business to Long Beach Auto Parts (nasty times). There is more but to shorten this rather long story, Long Beach Auto Parts still exists (without Stanley Ruddock) in Island Park at the foot of the bridge, Ruddock Auto Parts and Nat Karts are long gone and Don Jay Auto Parts is in Oceanside, Don Marcote bought out Alan Jay. Whew! You got all that?