The President Hotel was destroyed in a spectacular fire, which started on or under the boardwalk and spread to the structure. It stood on the Southwest corner of Laurelton Blvd. and W. Broadway and stretched to the boardwalk.  It was destroyed on August 31, 1965. I remember riding to the fire to watch on my bicycle.  Thanks to Howie Hemsley for providing the documentation on the exact date and location.
Long Beach Fire Department
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The old Indiana Ave firehouse, built by the Wydler Brothers in1928, demolished and replaced with this new building in 1980. 
The Tudor style building in the photo above is the original West End firehouse at Alabama and Beech Street! Few people realize that now.  Notice the small tower-like structure on the right side of the roof. This was the old lookout / horn tower and was taller at one time.

It is believed to have been built around 1922 and was used until 1945 or 1946.  It had one engine, a 1922 right hand drive American LaFrance which is seen on several of the Fire Deptartment pages.

See a photo of it on page 2 of the Fire Dept photos!

Photo by Vinny Rossi
Documentation provided by Bob Sagona
Click here to read some colorful history of the early Fire Dept. as remembered by Bob Sagona.
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Tower Ladder 72
Ladder 62