We originally did not know where this building was located because it was entitled 'Long Beach West Club, West End, Long Beach, Long Island.'

So we put out a request for information regarding it and a few suggestions submitted were the "Arizona" bar, or maybe the old Knights of Columbus building on Wyoming Ave and Oceanview.

The late John J. Trumm, former Long Beach Police Commissioner, solved our dilemma. This structure became Finnan's On The Bay and later Papa Aldo's, both restaurants.  The building sat on the bay at the NE corner of Arizona Ave.

How did I not catch this one. I lived on Arizona for many years and caught my first fish on the dock at Finnan's!  After I received the information John provided, I found and cropped out a picture of Finnan's from a photo taken in front of my bungalow on Arizona Avenue around 1965. It's grainy due to enlarging it, and me being a lousy photographer to begin with, but you can see it's the same building with a few changes added on in the years after this postcard was produced, including the chimney.  This building eventually burned in a spectacular fire, in the early 1980's.    We are indebted to the late John Trumm for this information.

Long Beach West Club
Finnan's in 1965
Long Beach, New York
Original Postcard.
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