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If you haven't figured it out already from some of the captions on photos,  the Long Beach Fire Department witnessed, first hand, the changing face of the city.  A combination of construction which was built to burn, lack of sprinklers, closely built structures and steady ocean winds, which quickly accelerated fires, combined to make Long Beach the busiest fire department on Long Island.  In the early days, lack of fire hydrants, paved streets and no bridge to the mainlaind (until 1922) also contributed to fires raging out of control very quickly. 

The Long Beach Fire Department was established sometime in 1910.  I don't have the exact date of the original charter.  So for the past 100 years the men and women of the LBFD have been risking their lives to save the lives and property of the people who live, work and visit Long Beach.  The department was, and still is, primarily staffed by dedicated, highly trained, volunteers. A small career staff was hired many years ago to  provide an immediate response around the clock until the volunteers could reach the scene. Both professionals and volunteers work hand in hand at emergencies. It was my involvement in the LBFD, on Engine 2342,  in the mid 70's which sparked my interest in this work as a career. I retired in 2005 after 27 years service as a Captain with the Fairfax County Fire Dept. in Fairfax, Virginia, which is just outside Washington, DC.
Some of the crew of 2372 in the West End.
Old 2342 Patch
An old patch worn by members of Eng. 2 (2342) prior to 1977.
A few of the Long Beach guys doing their real job with the FDNY in Da Bronx.
Old Badge
The Long Beach West Volunteer Fire Dept was originally organized in 1920 and part of the village of Lawrence, (the west end and westholme areas), when the City of Long  Beach bought the west end and westholme in 1922, the Fire Dept's were merged. Long Beach Fire being Company 1 and West Long Beach Fire being Company 2. I have this badge in my possession but didn't know the history behind it until Joe Miller filled me in. Thanks !
Some of 2372's crew at a worker on New York Ave.
After a fire at the Victory Apts.
One of the old Engine 2 (2342) rigs, taken in the winter of 1977
Shore Rd and Riverside
Looking down Shore Rd. from Riverside Blvd. about 1977. This area was the site of many fires.
2372 and 2342
Snorkel 2 (2372) and Engine 2 (2342) in the bay at the old Indiana Firehouse, about 1977
Crew of 72
Ladder 31 FDNY
New York Ave.
Victory Apts.
Old 2342, 1977
Jake Jacobi, 1992
My brother, Jake Jacobi, when he was a Lieutenant on Engine 2 in 1992.  He currently  is serving as Captain on that rig. (2015)
75 East Broadway, The Royale
Howie H. has informed me this was the fire at 75 E. Broadway, the Hotel Royale (Scharf's Royale) formerly the Hotel Murida. This would have been about 1981. The photo was taken from the roof of 39 E. Broadway.  The building was torn down after this fire.
A working fire on Brookline St.
Some of the firemen on Engine 2 (2342) at the West End house circa 1977.
Front row L-R: Bob Gaudiosi, Jake Jacobi, Kevin Harrington, Nick Gaudiosi.... back row L-R: Chuck Jacobi, Kevin Toth, Joey Sardo.  Kevin Toth was one of the best firemen I have ever known, he unfortunately passed away from cancer a number of years ago. This was when 2342 first took on the name "Suicide Squad".
The Original Suicide Squad
1922 LaFrance
This was the first Long Beach ladder truck. (notice the life net, folded in half, on the side)   This was taken in front of the Indiana firehouse. That station was built in 1928, so this was some time after that year.  Thanks to Joe Miller senior for the correct identification.
Engine Co. 3 in a recent photo.
All Long Beach units were tied up at another serious blaze when this one came in.  Oceanside was first on the scene I believe..I lost the documentation on this one.. help me out Howie !!
photo by Laura Murphy
25 W. Broadway
Several apartments lit up at this worker at 25 W. Broadway in the late 70's.
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1974 Apaches
1974 Apache Drill Team.  Bottom row L-R  Steve Kevan, Frank Dominowicz, Walter Lesser, Gary Brudner, Kevin Toth    Top row L-R Jack Mahr, Charlie Caruana, Frankie Dheda, Steve Lingenfelter
photo submitted by Jackie Dominowicz
Jackie at West School
Jackie Dominowcz modelling dad's helmet with West School in the background.
photo submitted by Jackie Dominowicz
West End Bowling Alley
The last day of the West End Bowling Alley. This was on Beech St., between Michigan and Maryland Ave.  The building which has the arched front is Temple Zion, the bowling alley is behind it.  Temple Zion still stands today at 62 Maryland Ave. This fire was around 1965 I think.
Some of the local kids enjoying climbing up on the old Floodlight rig.
photo submitted by Jackie Dominowicz
LBFD Ladder
The paid guys at a worker sometime in the 60's. Location of this fire unknown.
Park David Hotel
The Park David Hotel, which sat just west of the Lafayette Bldg, on the south side of Park Ave, west of Edwards Blvd. Burned January 15, 1965.
Park David Hotel
Another shot of the Park David Hotel Fire.
Jackson Hotel
A nice Signal 10 at the Hotel Jackson.  This fire occurred during the first week of January 1966 and was another one of LB's all nighters !  ( Thanks to Stiggi for the info on this one)
2342 and 2352
2342 (Engine 2) and 2352 (Hose 2) in the mid 1970's.
photo submitted by Jackie Dominowicz
Capt. Bill Donnely
Captain Bill Donnelly, originally stationed in the Alabama Ave. Firehouse !!  This photo in the late 40's I believe.
Photo by Jackie Dominowicz
Me and my cew today
This isn't Long Beach, it's Fairfax County, Va., but I figured I'd throw this one in anyway.. That's me, Chuck Jacobi, on the left with a couple of guys from old Fairfax back in 2001
Lowell Taubman, Chief Medical Officer
Chief Medical Officer, Lowell Taubman, being sworn in.
Dr. Maurice Kershner
The late Dr. Maurice Kershner, former Department Surgeon for many years.
This page is dedicated to the memory of our brothers in the FDNY who lost their lives in the attacks of 9-11-01.
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