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Gruberg's Playland
The kiddie rides, freshly painted, at the old amusement park on Edwards Blvd.  This was about 1980. I remember these so well as a kid, as I'm sure everyone does. 
Photo by Laura Murphy
Seagulls and Waves
Seagulls over a choppy ocean.
Photo by Laura Murphy
The fishing pier at Magnolia Blvd.
Photo by Laura Murphy
Amusement Park c1954
Stephanie Garrison and her brother on the merry go round at the old amusement park on Edwards Blvd.  circa. 1954
photo submitted by Stephanie Garrison
Topless in 1952!  Way to go Stephanie!
Photo submitted by Stephanie Garrison
A great 1910 postcard photo of the Hotel Nassau. Check out all the cars! Must have been folks with money, not many people owned a car in 1910!
Nassau Hotel 1910
photo by Vinny Rossi
Searching for that perfect wave !!
Photo by Vinny Rossi
Lido Hotel 1944
The Lido Hotel, when it was being used as a U.S. Naval receiving station during  World War II, 1944.
The Pickwick Tea Room
The Pickwick, early 1900's view. The Hotel Nassau is visible on the left.  I'm not sure what became of this structure, there has been a vacant lot where it stood for years, possibly burned. Does anyone know for sure?
photo by Vinny Rossi
photo by Vinny Rossi
Women's Suffrage c1912
A photo of the women's suffrage movement. This taken in front of the Hotel Nassau c1912.
Feeding the Gulls
photo by Vinny Rossi
Looking West down the beach in December 2000.
Photo by Vinny Rossi
Old postcard of girls feeding the gulls....
.....and here's the gull !!
This is a 1908 photo postcard titled "View from the Balcony of Bathing Pavillion".  Most probably taken from near the Hotel Nassau on National Blvd.  Roll your mouse ove the photo to see the same area today (12/2000).. notice the bend in the boardward, which locates the area of these photos as taken within about 100 yards of each other.
New photo by Vinny Rossi
National Blvd. 1908 and 2000
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Waldman's Garage 1955
Waldman's garage and Grassland on Long Beach Blvd., 1955.
photo by Sam Schwarzman
photo by Sam Schwarzman
Nelson Hemsley's Roofing Co., Park Ave. 1955
Photo by Sam Schwarzman
The old and new water towers
This seemingly unimportant photo meant more to me than so many others I have come across for one reason.. the water tower.. I needed to see a close up of the old water tower (on the left) to confirm the shape. This allowed me to identify the location of  many other photos which showed it vaguely in the background.  Before seeing this shot, I was unsure exactly if the shape I was seeing in other photos was indeed this structure. In this photo is pictured the old and new water towers, as well as the old (right) and new (left) incinerators.  Sometimes odd things play key rolls in research !!! this photo taken circa 1955
photo by Sam Schwarzman
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